Welcome to the LMC Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Club!!!


The STEM Club, formerly the Computer Programming Club, focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. When students write a program to make a game, they must consider the visual, logical, and coding aspects of the game. When students build an airplane they must consider the physics behind flight, or the engineering necessary to remotely control the plane.


When students build a robot they need to consider the programming needed to perform a specific task.


Sometimes, students just want to have fun and play a video game once in awhile.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math



Want to learn how to build an airplane out of foam board that actually flies? Want to learn how to build a robot? Want to write programs that turn your calculator into a video game? Want to create a “Minecraft” game in Java? Want to play video games?

The STEM Club, formerly known as the computer programming club, does these things and more. Students need only to come with ideas. Most of our projects are fun and educational at the same time. Please note that these projects use science, technology, engineering, and math. If you have an idea that involves these concepts, then Mr. Adams, the STEM Club advisor, will assist you in making that idea become a real and tangible product.

Not to mention, every March we host the Annual March Madness Super Mario Smash Brothers Tournament, which is a bracket tournament modeled after the real March Madness.

If you are curious about programming in Java, Small Basic, remote flyers, robots, web design, or video game tournaments stop by Mr. Adams’ room, 226, on Tuesdays during lunch.